Spring and Fall Program Information

2015 HFA Information

Updated Monday June 15, 2015 by Hamilton Football Association.

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The HFA Spring Development Program, created and run by HFA in collaboration with partner centers help promote and regulate the development of football. The Program, the type of which has never been seen before at grassroots level in Hamilton, follows the philosophy and techniques created within a "pro" environment:  Train in Winter, Develop in Spring and Play competitively in the Fall.

The Program provides a pathway for young players and adopts a strong focus on training and technical skills; not just games. It also strives to reduce travel time and ensure that the game environment is suitable for each age group, in terms of the right number of players on the field, roster size, etc.

The Spring Program focus is intended to start the development pathway as early as possible, promoting camaraderie and respect, less focus on winning and more on performance.


For more information on HFA FALL PROGRAM        ----CLICK HERE----

The Jr. Ticats' Competitive Fall League incorporates more competitive elements in football play. A selection process is undertaken in mid-July based on their skill, talent level and coachability.  There are no tiers for Tyke teams.